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Diggidy Dog has been a Carmel landmark (albeit a moving landmark) for almost 20 years.  In the #1 Most Dog Friendly town in America, we have been at the forefront of making your experience with your dog in Carmel the best that it can be.  Proud to be awarded Monterey County’s Best Pet Boutique 2021 and 2022 and the coveted Golden Pinecone 2022, Diggidy Dog believes your furry friends deserve the best! From our selection of all-natural, nutrient-rich treats to our hand-selected, pet-safe toys and unique apparel made for form, function and fashion, our boutique has everything you need to keep your four-legged friend happy and healthy and out on the town in style!


The Bosses

Tristan and Norman are most definitely in charge! They love to supervise on weekends to make sure our furry guests are having fun and the treat jars are filled to the brim.


Leader of the Pack

A lover of dogs since before she could walk, in June 2021, Christy wanted nothing more than to spend her time with dogs and the people that love them.  A successful corporate attorney with a notable career spanning over 25 years (and still going), she relocated her life to the Monterey Peninsula and lived out her lifelong dream and bought Diggidy Dog.  Her love of dogs can be seen in every aspect of the boutique as she has remodeled and reimagined the store into its original vision, geared toward our love of our best friends and making sure that they are happy, healthy, and dressed to the nines!

In the words of her Father, renowned photographer Nicholas Trofimuk:

“You made the jump.  Never look back or down. I am so proud of your courage.  You will be successful but most of all you will be happy”

No truer words have ever been spoken. 

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